Summit on Race

Not Just a Response: a Just Response

November 11, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm

In a powder keg of national debate marked by explosive topics like race, class, and gender, far too many conversations about social and political reform are met with relentless condemnation, intolerance and heated standoffs. As we near the presidential election, these volatile issues will be amplified on university and college campuses. The day after the national vote, some vested parties will interpret the results as validation of their perspective and the end of the debate. Others will be mortified by the prospect of living four years in a country governed by the victor. Students and campus leaders will be forced to negotiate a world that feels like political divides are widening, the prospect of racial reconciliation is lessening, and opportunities for compromise solutions are fleeting.

  • How should campus leaders respond? What are just responses in a climate of social and political turmoil?
  • How do we assist students in this new era of American racial politics?
  • Do campus leaders have the appropriate tools to help students develop a humble and just response to the profound changes occurring on and off their campus?

The Emory Institute of Higher Education of presents an interactive day-long workshop to equip faculty and staff campus leaders in developing just responses that counter hostility and injustice with strategic practices that build community. This workshop will draw upon the collective wisdom of participants and utilize full-sensory training modules developed by two grassroots organizations -- Contested Conversations and Fearless Dialogues -- that specialize in creating unique spaces for unlikely partners to discuss difficult issues and taboo subjects. 

Who Should Attend?

College and university staff, faculty, and administrators interested in effecting positive change on campus.


The $100 registration fee per attendee covers a day of facilitated dialogue with breakfast, lunch, and a snack break. Order 4 or more tickets at a time and receive a $15.00 discount on each ticket.

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